Let's help you feel healthy

Ultra potent synergistic wellness elixirs, Formulated in collaboration with a nutritionist 

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Let's help you feel focused

Ultra potent synergistic wellness elixirs, Formulated in collaboration with a nutritionist 

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Let's help you feel balanced

Ultra potent synergistic wellness elixirs, Formulated in collaboration with a nutritionist 

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Let's help you feel energised

Ultra potent synergistic wellness elixirs, Formulated in collaboration with a nutritionist 

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We donate a percent of all sales to support underprivileged children

First of Their Kind, Synergistic Mushroom-Based Elixirs

Brain Boost

Specially formulated Lion’s Mane mushroom & Rosemary extract, designed to help combat mental fatigue, brain fog, inspire creativity, enhance learning and eliminate that ‘on the tip of my tongue’ feeling.

Immune Pump

Specially formulated Reishi and Chaga mushroom & Green tea extract, designed to help create an unstoppable immune system using their powerful beta D-Glucans and antioxidants.

Skin Assist

Specially formulated Tremella mushroom extract, Hyaluronic acid & Collagen elixir, designed to make your skin feel and look refreshingly healthy.

Stamina Surge

Specially formulated Cordyceps mushroom & Rhodiola rosea extract, designed to help improve your cardiovascular system, reduce stress, and decrease overall inflammation on your nervous system.

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"Mushify has definitely set a new standard in holistic wellness"
"I've noticed a significant difference in my overall well-being."
"As a practitioner I always like to try a product before recommending it to my patients. I bought the M4 Day + Night box which I am extremely happy with."

More-in-one pack

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Get started with the M4 Day+Night Pack

Complete range of premium, ultra potent, synergistic health elixirs.

We're more potent, more bioavailable and more synergistic than any other brand, meaning you get much more for your dollar. Guaranteed. Find a brand better? We'll refund you fully. Yes, we're that confident we're the best, because science says so.

Day: Brain Boost and Immune Pump

Night: Stamina Surge and Skin Assist

all natural, contain no fillers, no grains, no sugar, no alcohol, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, thoroughly tested for heavy minerals and microbials and made from whole fruiting bodies, not mycelium

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Feel the power of synergy

We take pride in using a 30:1 whole fruiting body mushroom extract in all of our products, up to 3 times stronger than most of our competitors.

M4 Pack can replace
Cost per month
Skin Care $60
Pre & Probiotic $30
Stress Adaptogen $30
Immune Support $40
Total per month $72 $190

Based on current available data for average industry prices of premium supplements

Why choose us?

With years of industry experience growing mushrooms and working with nutritionists, we formulated the first of their kind synergistic elixirs.

Most brands are trying to sell low dose single ingredient extracts, claiming to give amazing benefits, but most of them are underdosed and ineffective, essentially placebos with zero synergy.

Synergy is important to make sure you get the most out of each ingredient. We pair ingredients together that compliment one another, increasing their effects. What's the point in buying something if you don't get the most out of it?

Your health and beauty routine just got easier.

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Express post usually arrives in 1-4 days depending on the state you’re in, however is usually always on the faster end. Express is free if you spend only $100 or more. Alternatively, standard shipping can take 2-7 days depending on the time of year. We pack and process orders usually same or next day.

Whole fruiting bodies contain a full spectrum of active components to make sure you get all the health benefits you're after. It may cost more than mycelium supplements, but it is undoubtably better for you. Mycelium based mushroom extracts are often full of grain and other fillers, making them a cheap and ineffective product compared to our premium whole fruiting body extract formulas.

We also value transparency, and that's why we give you exactly what we say we do. Unlike a lot of the leading brands in the industry, we do not use proprietary blends, which means we show you everything that's in our product, and what their dosages are, rather than hiding it in a proprietary blend. We're proud of what's in our products, and you can be to, knowing exactly how much you're getting, clear as day.

Yes! All of our products are 100% alcohol-free. We take pride in this as we know a lot of people abstain from alcohol for health and personal reasons. Because our products are alcohol free, even learner licence drivers can use them!

Trusted by the brightest minds

Alison, a fully qualified natural therapist and nutritionist, helped formulate our ultra potent elixirs, because you deserve only the best.