How a family built Mushify

When researching alternative solutions to our everyday problems, we stumbled upon the incredible world of medicinal mushrooms. Unfortunately, when we looked to buy some, we were met with a market full of deception and low quality and low dosed products. That didn't sit well with us, so we partnered with a nutritionist, and worked for over a year formulating the ultimate mushroom products, growing our own mushrooms, and getting engulfed in the science and culture. More than just mushrooms, we sought after synergistic ingredients to make sure we were maximizing these powerful natural substances, ultimately providing as much value to the end consumer as possible.

What we strive to do in our community

We collectively believe that it is your human right to have access to the best possible products, not low quality, low dose placebos. It is our mission to educate and spread that belief across the world. We live by 'do it right or do it twice', so we chose to do it right, every time.

In keeping with that theme, we want to do right by everyone, and that's why our products are the highest potency on the market at 30:1 dual extraction, contain no alcohol so people of all ages and cultures can benefit from them, and are the most bioavailable on the market. We do this by utilizing our grapefruit extract (high in naringin shown in studies to increase bioavailability of compounds entering the body) and great tasting elixirs to make sublingual dosing easy.

We don't just want to do right by the people though, we have made it one of our key focuses to do right by earth, and that's why we not only use sustainable practices, but we also donate a percent of all profits to charities across the world to keep our earth, the best earth.

Take yourself to the next level, with science. Get Mushified