Routine de nuit

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Our night routine consists of 'Stamina Surge' and 'Skin Assist'. Formulated with a nutritionist, we crafted the best possible night routine, optimized to get your body and skin recovering faster, ready for a refreshing start to the next day. 

Our elixirs are the first of their kind to have synergistic formulations (each ingredient works together to increase function), 30:1 extraction ratios (highest on the market by far), alcohol free and with enhanced bioavailability leveraging the power of grapefruit extract!


Stamina Surge: 

Specially formulated Cordyceps & Rhodiola Rosea extract, designed to help improve your cardiovascular system, reduce stress, and decrease overall inflammation on your nervous system.

✔️ Cordyceps helps increase VO2 max by up to 10% in studies

✔️ Helps improve stress relief and fatigue with Rhodiola rosea

✔️ Designed with synergy to improve recovery for better workouts

✔️ Superior bioavailability with grapefruit extract (Naringin)

✔️ Tastes great making sublingual dosing easy


Skin Assist: 

Specially formulated Tremella, Hyaluronic acid & Collagen Elixir, designed to make your skin feel and look refreshingly healthy.

✔️ Helps with skin elasticity from anti-inflammatory and antioxidant polysaccharides

✔️ Tremella is high in vitamin D and pre biotics and N-acetylglucosamine, documented for improving gut health

✔️ Help your body flush out toxins with Glucuronic acid found in Tremella, often compared to Kombucha with its detoxifying effects

✔️ High dose Hyaluronic acid and Collagen helps keep your skin hydrated and plump for a true skin glow up

✔️ Superior bioavailability with grapefruit extract (Naringin)

✔️ Tastes great making sublingual dosing easy

Les élixirs Mushify sont absorbés en 30 minutes environ, voire plus rapidement selon le mode de consommation.

Après une utilisation prolongée et constante, Mushify brille en améliorant votre parcours de santé de base, en aidant à créer un quotidien fructueux et confiant grâce à une routine imbattable utilisant des combinaisons synergiques d'ingrédients soutenus par la science.

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