Day routine

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Our day routine consists of 'Brain Boost' and 'Immune Pump'. Formulated with a nutritionist, we crafted the best possible morning routine, optimized to get your brain and body flowing steadily, ready to take on the day. 

Our elixirs are the first of their kind to have synergistic formulations (each ingredient works together to increase function), 30:1 extraction ratios (highest on the market by far), alcohol free and with enhanced bioavailability leveraging the power of grapefruit extract!


Brain Boost:

Specially formulated Lion’s Mane mushroom & Rosemary extract, designed to help combat mental fatigue, brain fog, inspire creativity, enhance learning and eliminate that ‘on the tip of my tongue’ feeling.

✔️ Helps promote Nerve Growth Factor with potent Lion's Mane and Rosemary extract (Carnosic acid) synergy 

✔️ Designed to assist in eliminating brain fog, improve cognitive performance and memory recall

✔️ Packed with antioxidants and adaptogenic power

✔️ Superior bioavailability with grapefruit extract (Naringin)

✔️ Tastes great making sublingual dosing easy


Immune Pump: 

Specially formulated Reishi, Chaga & Green tea extract, designed to help create an unstoppable immune system using their powerful beta D-Glucans and antioxidants.

✔️ Rich in nutrients, beta-glucans, triterpenes and more shown to have immunomodulatory, reno-protective, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties in studies

✔️ Good for your gut

✔️ Synergized with green tea extract to help your body recover 

✔️ Superior bioavailability with grapefruit extract (Naringin)

✔️ Tastes great making sublingual dosing easy

Mushify elixirs absorb in around 30 minutes or even faster depending on consumption method.

After consistent prolonged use is where Mushify shines in improving your core health journey, helping create a fruitful and confident day to day through an unbeatable routine utilizing synergistic combos of science backed ingredients.

Oh and, did we mention you'll save space in your supplement cabinet?