The Problem with Proprietary Blends: What Supplement Companies Don't Want You to Know

Warum wir keine proprietären Mischungen verwenden und Sie das auch nicht tun sollten

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If you've ever scanned the ingredient list of a supplement, you might have encountered the term "proprietary blend." It sounds impressive, but what does it really mean, and should you trust products that use them?

What's a Proprietary Blend?

    • The Secret Formula: A proprietary blend lists a group of ingredients with a combined weight but doesn’t reveal the exact amount of each individual ingredient.
    • Hidden Dosages: You could be getting a minuscule dose of the key ingredient and mostly cheap fillers.
    • Potential for Underdosing: Even if there's a decent total weight, a company might include a tiny amount of an expensive ingredient to make their blend look more attractive.

Why Proprietary Blends are a Bad Idea

    • Informed Decisions: You deserve to know exactly what you're putting into your body and how much. Proprietary blends prevent you from making informed choices about your health.
    • Effectiveness Matters: Research on ingredients is often based on specific dosages. Without knowing the amount, you can't be sure you're getting an effective dose.
    • Allergens and Sensitivities: Hidden ingredients within a blend could trigger allergies or sensitivities you didn't know were there.
    • Masking Low Quality: Companies often use proprietary blends to disguise cheap, ineffective ingredients.

The Mushify Way: Transparency is Key

At Mushify, we believe you have the right to know exactly what's in your supplements. That's why we never use proprietary blends. Here's what you get with us:

    • Full Disclosure: Our labels clearly list each ingredient and its precise dosage.
    • High-Dosage Formulas: We use research-backed amounts of medicinal mushrooms and synergistic ingredients to maximize benefits.
    • Trust and Confidence: Know that you're getting what you pay for, with no hidden surprises.

Why Transparency Matters

    • Personalized Choices: Adjust your intake or combine products based on your individual needs and preferences.
    • Potential Interactions: Easily check for interactions with medications or other supplements.
    • Empowered Wellness: Take control of your health journey with full knowledge of what fuels your body.

Don't be Deceived: Demand Better

Your health is too important to leave to guesswork. Choose supplement companies that prioritize transparency over secrecy. Look for clear ingredient lists and precise dosages.

With Mushify, what you see is what you get – potent, honest formulas to support your well-being.

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